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The little giant built it! Mingkanghui Jianshi layer project will be delivered soon!


20 Jun,2023

In April of this year, the leaders of Mingkanghui Ecological Agriculture Group Co., Ltd. visited the Little Giant Chengdu factory and discussed the cooperation between the two parties. Full understanding and communication laid a solid foundation for cooperation. Soon after the two parties successfully joined hands, they reached a cooperation on the laying hen farm project of the Mingkanghui Jinfeng Integrated Poverty Alleviation Industrial Park.

Live up to expectations, delivery is imminent

Mingkanghui Jinfeng Integrated Poverty Alleviation Industrial Park layer chicken farm turnkey project is located in Jianshi County, Hubei Province. A total of 4 layers with 6 rows and 8 floors will be constructed in this phase, with a planned inventory of 400,000 birds. Little Giant provided it with a complete set of equipment and facilities including automation equipment and intelligent environmental control systems. After careful preliminary planning and preparation, installation and construction process management with high standards and strict requirements. The construction of this phase of the project is nearing completion, and delivery is imminent.