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Sows Farrowing Crate

Special equipment for sows during calving, piglets are reared on a clean and comfortable floor to prevent being squeezed by sows, and pig manure will fall into the manure tank through the leakyfloor, which can be reduced diseases caused byfecal contamination in pigs, which increases the survival rate of piglets.
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The Piglets Conservation Bar

For use during piglet cultivation, piglet feces fall into the cesspool through the leaky floor, avoiding diseases caused by fecal contamination of pigs and improving the survival rate of piglets.
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Positioning Bar

Avoid miscarriage of pregnant sows during pregnancy; The back door is designed to facilitate the operation of artificial insemination and miscarriage.
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Pig Farm Automatic Feeding System

60 Drive system120 drive system160 drive system
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Pneumatic Feeding

The air is compressed by the pneumatic pressurization system,and the centralized stored feed is transported to eachspecified target position on time according to the type,quantity and time through the pipeline.
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Pig Farm Automatic Feeding System

The little giant galvanized feed tower is widely used in feed storage and transportation in the breeding plant area, and is used together with feed trucks or hoists. The specifications of common feed towers in livestock and poultry houses are divided into φ 1830mm, φ 2750mm, φ 3670mm, φ 600mm, φ 5500mm half-layer, one-layer, two-layer, three-layer, multi-size, 3T-60T multi-tonnage, which meet the different needs of different breeding enterprises.
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Manure Removal System

The control system adopts industrial touch screen, and the two-dimensional control panel is LED display screen. The running status is clear at a glance. The control mode can be selected to run manually or automatically, and the automatic operation works automatically according to the set time period.
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Steel Structure Building

● Hot-dip galvanized profiles for structural steel bodies;
● Using corrosion-resistant insulation aluminum-zinc plate;
● High quality glass silk floss;
● Two kinds of house structure form selection span up to 20 meters; The use of slope ceiling is conducive to horizontal ventilation;
● Service life of 20 years;
● Roof slope shall be adjusted according to the region.
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Chicken manure air drying equipment

● No additional heat source is needed, and the chicken manure is dried by the exhaust air of the chicken house;
● The moisture content in fresh chicken manure can be reduced to about 20% within 48 hours;
● Modular products, can be combined with customer needs and the actual situation of the site for tailor-made design, to create benefits for customers;
● Modular design is quick to install, intelligent and efficient. Product low energy consumption, low failure;
● High stability, high life, two low two high performance advantages;
● Through the modular design, the manure treatment is cleaner and more effective, while reducing the transportation cost, the storage is more convenient, effectively reducing the cost and saving resources.
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