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The Little Giant broiler cage equipment project continues to be new!


13 Oct,2023

Recently, in a large-scale broiler breeding project in Shanxi Province, the first chicken house of Little Giant broiler cage equipment was completed and delivered, and the chicken will be put into production soon. The project uses the Little Giant 9CLR-4100 five-row four-layer broiler cage equipment, which can realize automatic feeding, drinking, manure removal, and intelligent environmental control. Compared with the flat rearing mode, the biggest advantage of the cage system is that it is more convenient to produce chickens, and it is more time-saving to clean and disinfect. In addition, caged broiler chickens do not come into contact with chicken manure, and the ventilation conditions in the cage are better. This not only ensures the comfort of broiler growth, but also effectively reduces the mortality rate and reduces the use of therapeutic drugs, thereby reducing costs.