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Produced by Little Giant | Re-delivery of laying hens and brooding equipment of Hebei boutique project


13 Oct,2023

Recently, in a project in Hebei, the equipment of Little Giant's three laying hens with 5 rows and 5 floors and two brooding buildings with 5 rows and 4 floors are being delivered to customers one after another. During the installation process, the Little Giant team strictly followed the relevant standards and requirements in the quality control system, and achieved an overall excellent installation quality and presentation effect.

In the follow-up process, we will continue to provide customers with equipment training and technical support to help customers better manage their breeding business and obtain higher breeding income. At the same time, we will continue to increase R&D investment, focus on product innovation, and improve service levels. Always devote all efforts to the areas that customers care about, solve the pain points and difficulties of customer breeding, and create maximum value for customers.