The poultry egg palletizing machine series products are specifically designed for packaging poultry eggs that need to be placed in pallets. The theoretical design total output is 36,000, 72,000, 80,000, 100,000, and 120,000 poultry eggs per hour. It replaces manual palletizing, greatly improving egg collection efficiency and reducing labor intensity.

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Product Description

Automatic egg (optional)

Put the transferred eggs into the direction adjustment device with 30 automatic suction cups at a speed of 1 torr each time.

Direction adjustment

The eggs that are not neatly arranged are automatically adjusted to the same orientation by the stainless steel rod on the direction roller.

Clean and dry (optional)

Use 50-60 degrees of clean warm water to spray the egg table (can be equipped with automatic dosing device, add sodium hypochlorite in the water, etc.), remove the dirt on the surface of the egg by cleaning the egg brush, and then dry the egg with a drying brush and a fan.

Manual Picking (Optional)

The equipment illuminates the eggs from the lower part, and manually visually checks the eggs for abnormalities, and can select most of the dirty eggs, broken eggs and cracked eggs.

Detection of contaminated eggs (optional)

The camera takes a multi-angle picture of each passing egg, analyzes the degree of stain of the egg by area and color, and detects dirty eggs.

Crack detection (optional)

The probe performs multiple passive touches on each egg, converts the ultrasonic segment into data, and the system processes and analyzes it to judge the quality of the egg.

UV sterilization (optional)

Use ultraviolet lamp germicidal lamp to irradiate the surface of eggs and conveying rollers, effectively kill Escherichia coli, salmonella, etc., and improve the hygienic state of products and equipment.

Oiling insurance (optional)

The use of high-pressure gas to make the food wax atomization after the oil film evenly coated on the surface of the eggshell, improve the preservation of eggs.


Each egg is measured multiple times by the metering machine, and the grading machine is sorted according to the final measurement value, and the eggs are automatically transferred to their respective areas according to the preset grade.

Abnormal egg detection (optional)

The equipment can carry out non-contact detection in the process of egg transmission, and can accurately detect bleeding eggs, scattered yellow eggs, yellow-free eggs and corrupt eggs. The system can automatically count abnormal egg data and transmit abnormal eggs to the designated area.

Egg spray code (optional)

The equipment is equipped with a high-speed small character eggshell inkjet printer, and the fresh eggs after cleaning will be sprayed with information such as brand and production date.

Hair support machine

At the same time compatible with plastic tray, egg tray, some other types of packaging materials.

graded packaging

The equipment can output clean eggs of different specifications according to the preset 6-8 grade (abnormal egg grade 3) to meet the different needs of the follow-up.

human-computer interaction

The user-friendly visual operation interface can monitor the entire production process in real time. Any abnormal equipment in any process will automatically alarm and suspend production. At the same time, the problem will be quickly judged and displayed on the operation interface. After troubleshooting, production can be resumed immediately.