The Piglets Conservation Bar

For use during piglet cultivation, piglet feces fall into the cesspool through the leaky floor, avoiding diseases caused by fecal contamination of pigs and improving the survival rate of piglets.

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Product Description

Device Configuration:

● The whole column hot dip zinc, zinc layer average thickness ≥80μm;
● Style 1:the column is composed of 600mm x 35mm PVC fence board and 1 inch hot-dip galvanized round pipe, the wall thickness of round pipe is 2.3mm;
● Style 2:The column is composed of 500mm x35mm PVC fence board and 2 30x30x2mm hot dip galvanized square pipes;
● The coaming plate adopts 35mm thick hollow PVC board; Anti-uv element content ≥5%,to achieve anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet effect; PVC sealing plate is fixed at both ends of each row with two-way column, vertical plate and horizontal plate are connected by groove and plate fixation;
● Glass steel beam height 120mm (standard hollow type), all beams have fixed legs;
● The bar door lock adopts the clasp structure or pull lock structure;
● The length and width of the pen are customized according to the scheme, and the height of the pen is 700mm.

Overall Size:

Standard column height 700mm; Dimensionscan be customized according to customers.

Equipment Features:

It is used during the period of piglet cultivation. Piglet fece sfall into the manure tank through the leaky floor, which avoids the diseases caused by fecal pollution of pigs and improves the survival rate of piglets.

Scope of Application:

It is used to breed 35-day-old weaned piglets.

Product Features:

The nursery pen system consists of plastic leak floor, hot dip galvanized fence or PVC fence board, fence door and feeder etc, We can provide customized pen size and thermal system according to your pig planning.