Pig Farm Automatic Feeding System

The little giant galvanized feed tower is widely used in feed storage and transportation in the breeding plant area, and is used together with feed trucks or hoists. The specifications of common feed towers in livestock and poultry houses are divided into φ 1830mm, φ 2750mm, φ 3670mm, φ 600mm, φ 5500mm half-layer, one-layer, two-layer, three-layer, multi-size, 3T-60T multi-tonnage, which meet the different needs of different breeding enterprises.

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Product Description

Material tower:

● Made of anti-corrosion galvanized sheet or glass steel;
● Can be installed indoors or outdoors, directly under the material tower;
● Through the sliding switch, the conveying capacity can be accurately adjusted: a single material line hopper can be used, or a double material line hopper can be used if feeding two different types of backseeds;
● The hopper is equipped with mechanical or electric forced feeding or forced return to prevent the system from overflowing.

High standard production equipment:

The little giant has large-scale automatic material tower production equipment such as roll bending automatic production line, hydraulic equipment, numerical control punching machine, etc. The production process of each component of the material tower is molded at one time, making the combination of each component more standard and accurate.

Novel design:

The material tower cover adopts an automatic elastic torsion spring control structure, and the material tower cover can be opened and closed freely by pulling the handrail on the ground. The lower cone is provided with an organic transparent observation window to facilitate real-time observation of the feeding situation.

High quality material selection:

The material of the material tower is made of hot-dip galvanized steel plate produced by large well-known steel plate manufacturers in China, and high-quality FRP materials produced by well-known manufacturers to meet the diverse needs of customers. All bolts of the material tower are made of M10 high-strength hot-dip galvanized bolts, 48 hours salt spray test; The horizontal and vertical joints of the plate are sealed with silica gel mud, which has the advantages of weatherproof, firmness and long service life.

Safety humanization:

Each step of the material tower ladder is sturdy and non-slip, and is equipped with a circular guardrail, which makes the design safer and more humane.

Easy installation:

Each main plate is reserved with uniform and suitable installation holes for installation components, thus eliminating the trouble of drilling and cutting on site.